What We Do

Purple Ceiling is a full service, fully insured, cinema & commercial production studio. Whether you are filming a feature length movie for theater release or digital distribution, a music video, television show, or a professional level business commercial, we have you covered in all areas to take you from concept to the screen.

Our services include, but are not limited to,

full on-location camera crews

dedicated audio specialists

experienced directors

fully licensed and insured aerial drone filming and photography

Steadicam operation


full professional ColorGrading

3D modeling & animation

full CGI & VFX production

preferred access to talent & casting agencies throughout the tristate area

production, distribution, & promotional specialists who can help market your project and deliver it to the masses.

As DP & Post-Production Director at House Of Genesis Studios, I, Mark Moritz, am thoroughly involved in all areas of your project from start to beyond the finish. Moreso than the 15+ years of experience I bring to what I do, the unbridled passion & dedication that I bring to each & every project is what truly sets my company apart.

Money is money. It’s kind of an annoying area that HAS to get dealt with. What I can honestly say, is if I was a multi-millionaire with no need to work a day in my life, I would absolutely still be doing exactly what I am doing.

We love to create. We love to work with fun & excited people and, more than anything, bring great stories to life. My decision, after years of being in the filming and editing fields, to journey into the world of becoming an accomplished and Hollywood-level producer of 3D, CGI, and full visual effects, was a decision I made to expand all boundaries of what my company can do. In a virtual world, boundaries can be eliminated.

We bring the best of the best to what we do, not only as far as talented individuals who thoroughly have and continue to study and be masters of their craft, but also as far as equipment, software, training, and resources.

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